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Me gustan mucho estos videos de la oficina de diseño MAYA. Son bastante claros y breves. La idea es tratar de entender el concepto de Arquitectura de la Información, describiendo cada término por separado para luego tener la visión integrada.



En sus propias palabras:

“When we say Information Architecture (IA) we are really talking about everything you can define about a solution without specifying the underlying system (the raw plumbing) or specifying the particular user interface that will be employed to deliver and manipulate the information. By thinking about the architecture of how information is used, how it flows, and how it fits within the user’s world (its context), you can capture the essence of how to build a system that is not only intuitive but futureproof.

The outcome of a comprehensive IA program is a systematic description of the information content of a given product, service, or environment. This type of detailed understanding and documentation is the first step toward taming the complexity of a design to make even the most intricate solutions functional, transparent, and user-friendly.”